Dog Bows for Girls and Boys
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Dog Bows for Girls and Boys

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Bella's Dog Bows are quality dog bows lovingly hand-made in Philadelphia-USA.

      All of Bella's Dog Bows are made with your dog's safety in mind. Realizing that even with the best watchful eye we can sometimes find that our sweet Puppy has managed to undo their topknots and remove their bows. Oftentimes they only become play toys but if you are unfortunate enough to have a terror who will eat just about anything, then bows will be no exception.

      Therefore, with your dog's safety in mind, no bow will be constructed of unsafe materials such as glues or wire*. All bows are hand-sewn with all embellishments additionally sewn-on*. This method helps to prevent your dog/puppy from ingesting crystals or other embellishments that could harm them. We do however ask that you take a responsible approach to having your dog/puppy wear bows. All bows should be checked prior to placing in their hair and again upon removal to ensure all embellishments and the bow itself is secure. It is best to remove bows at night before going to bed.

      As an extra consideration all Bella's Dog Bow images have been enlarged for detail and Bows have also been placed in front of our business card so you can see the actual size of the bow which may help you in choosing the size appropriate for your little girl or boy. All images can be further enlarged by clicking on that particular picture.

      We have unique quality bows for both girls and boys. We offer the most sought after "Show Bows" with Double Loops and Single Loops using high quality ribbons, threads and embellishments. If you are looking for a more casual look, we offer "Butterfly Bows", "Pinwheel Bows", "Theme Bows", "Seasonal Bows", "Holiday Bows" and even "Puppy Pairs" for the very tiny or for those who place two bows at a time. We will be adding new Bow designs regularly and offer custom bows to match any occasion or a particular outfit.

*   No glue or wire is used in making the majority of Bella's Dog Bows. However, there may be a line of bows where we use flatback embellishments that can only be glued on. These particular bows will be noted as having "Flat Back Embellishment" so you can make an informed decision before placing your order. We also ask that you pay extra close attention and care should you choose to wear these bows in your dog/puppy's hair.

Enjoy and begin your search for that Special Bow now!

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